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Slow down, exit ahead. A swan song on wheels

FOUR years ago, when I took on the job of Shanghai Daily’s automotive journalist, I didn’t even have a driver’s license. How crazy was that! “You will be fine; you can do this,” my edito...

Tennis, anyone? Michelin casts its net wider

AFTER publishing its legendary food guide for the first time in China last month, French tire maker Michelin has further deepened its tie here with lifestyle promotions. This time, its name is asso...

The new Camaro: ‘thrilling, visionary, refreshing’

SEPTEMBER, the start of autumn, was probably the hottest time for Chevrolet this year in China. It reported its first year-on-year sales growth, after seven straight months of downturn in a tough ...

No room to monkey around with fuel targets

IN ancient Chinese mythology, the Monkey King feared nothing except the golden loop he had to wear on his head. His head throbbed whenever his monk master began to read incantations to it. In 2016...

Chinese firm acknowledges role in cyberattack

A Chinese firm that makes components for surveillance video cameras admits their technology was used, in part, to carry out Friday's cyberattack


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