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China Business Watch
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China's walking a tight rope between politics and economic reform

Two important reports were recently published on the current state of the Chinese economy. The first was the IMF’s annual review. It said the outlook for China’...

China stock traders feel heat with 774 probes in two months

China's regulators are intensifying scrutiny of unusual movements in stocks as they seek to damp speculation in the nation's financial markets.

Southeast Asia to lead charge in commodities as China’s economy slows

China may be slowing, but a commodities rebound is under way and the world’s biggest miner knows where the next growth story is building -- emerging economies in Southeast Asia.

China wants to stop domestic violence, but the legal system still treats it as a lesser crime

After Li Hongxia was strangled by her husband, her family were worried that the murder of a poor woman in rural China would be swept away like dust, making it easy for the next abuser to strike

Chinese hotels ordered to reject guests from Muslim countries

Police order hotels in Guangzhou to reject guests from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq


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