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China’s banks need coordination for debt-equity swaps, CCB says

China Construction Bank, which is awaiting government approval for a 12 billion yuan fund for buying out bad loans, said the country needs a framework to coordinate debt-for-equity swap programmes ...

There used to be only one Chinese-made car you could buy in the US — and we drove it

I was a broken record. For years, I said that it would be impossible for Chinese carmakers to crack into the US market, following the example of the Japanese and the South ...

China's Xi Jinping warns against trade war in defence of globalisation

Chinese President Xi Jinping cautioned against protectionism as he pushed back against criticism of globalization by Donald Trump and other Western populists.

Rolls-Royce apologises after £671m bribery settlement

Engineering firm Rolls-Royce will pay £671m for corruption cases in China, India and other markets, a UK court rules.

China's President Xi Jinping defends globalisation in Davos speech

​Chinese President Xi Jinping offered a vigorous defence of free trade at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday in a speech that underscored Beijing's desire to play a greater global role ...


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