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In China, Close to 8,000 People Are Vying for One Government Job

The hottest government job in China this year involves serving tea to visitors at the offices of a toothless political organization that’s barely been relevant since 1949.

Chinese yuan weakens to six-year low against USD

THE central parity rate of the Chinese yuan weakened to a six-year low against the US dollar on Monday. The central parity rate of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, weakened 132 basis po...

How China's dealmakers pulled off a $270 billion global spree

Chinese firms are learning to soothe misgivings about the country's record $US207 billion ($272 billion) overseas buying spree.

China Oceanwide to buy U.S. insurer Genworth for $2.7 billion in cash

HONG KONG (Reuters) - China Oceanwide Holdings Group Co has agreed to buy U.S. insurer Genworth Financial Inc for $2.7 billion in cash, the latest in a series of moves by Chinese firms to buy over...

'Freelance exporting' to China

The growing trade of expatriate Chinese retail consultants who export Australian goods to China.


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