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Holding up Half the Sky? Assessing the Current State of Female Employment in China

Recent statistics show that the composition of China's workforce is becoming increasingly unbalanced. In this article, we examine why China's female employment rate has been falling and discuss wha...

This little-known Chinese company is shaking up the smartphone market

Growth in the smartphone market is starting to cool after a frenetic few years, but a little-known smartphone maker, OPPO, is making heads turn.

China's transition: From steelworker to taxi driver

Meet Mr. Luo, a veteran steelworker who lost his job after 21 years and reinvented himself as a taxi driver for China's version of Uber.

You Can Walk in the Sky in Shanghai, Once It’s Safe

Visitors to Shanghai can soon experience what it’s like to walk in the sky, after some final security checks. Shanghai’s 88-floor Jin Mao Tower is planning to open an outdoor glass walkway 1,...

Heard in the Hutong: Beijingers on the South China Sea

An international tribunal ruled that China’s claims to historic and economic rights in most of the South China Sea have no legal basis. Here's what some people on the streets of Beijing think of ...


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