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China Business Watch
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'My job is to inspire people to tidy up'

Giving up your high-flying job as a lawyer in Shanghai to become a professional home organiser may be an unusual choice for many, but that's exactly what Han Yien did.

A2 formula sales surge more than 400 per cent on back of China demand

The a2 Milk Company has hit the top of its earnings outlook for fiscal 2016, unveiling a full year profit underpinned by growing Chinese demand for its infant formula.

The F-35 'will absolutely thrive' in the most militarized region on the planet

As tensions mount in the troubled waters of the South China Sea, US might is considered crucial, and a weapon considered well suited for the region is almost ready for dep...

China just opened the world’s highest and longest glass bridge

China has constructed a 400 meters long glass walkway; the longest structure of its kind in the world.   Follow BI Video: On Twitter   Join the conversation abo...

Why the hype around military drills is bogus

Between rival states, military exercises almost always provoke condemnation, but virtually never wars, and a new study seems to offer some insight as to why. In 2015, Russ...


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