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The most expensive Chinese movie ever made stars Matt Damon fighting monsters on the Great Wall

The first trailer for "The Great Wall" just dropped and it looks amazing. Starring Matt Damon, it's the most expensive Chinese film ever made. Video courtesy of Legenda...

China pushes G20 as governance platform

THE G20 summit to be held in Hangzhou in early September is unlike any previous one: it will be hosted by the largest developing country in the world. But a key question remains: can China succeed in

CBRC plans harsh curbs on banks

CHINA’S banking regulator plans to curb harshly banks’ investment in wealth-management products that are a potential channel for shadow-bank lending. The China Banking Regulatory Commission ma...

Games seen integrated with other industries

THE boundaries between games and other industries are likely to fade as they are getting more integrated with entertainment, telecommunications, hardware and even financial sectors, Shanghai Daily ...

China urged to close ‘zombie’ firms

AROUND 7.51 percent of China’s industrial businesses are “zombie companies,” according to a recent research paper, which recommended deregulation to allow them to perish. “Zombie companies...


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