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China Business Watch
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China just opened the world’s highest and longest glass bridge

China has constructed a 400 meters long glass walkway; the longest structure of its kind in the world.   Follow BI Video: On Twitter   Join the conversation abo...

Why the hype around military drills is bogus

Between rival states, military exercises almost always provoke condemnation, but virtually never wars, and a new study seems to offer some insight as to why. In 2015, Russ...

11 cities that China ripped off from the rest of the world

Knock-off bags? Head to Chinatown. Knock-off towns? Head to China. That China is really good at producing counterfeit goods is well documented, but the country has really o...

China just released the details of its most ambitious space mission yet

China's space agency just showed off its newest mission — a Mars probe set to launch in 2020. Video courtesy of Reuters. Follow TI: On FacebookJoin the conversation a...

Amazon's fastest growing business has a surprisingly strong competitor in China (AMZN, BABA)

Amazon Web Services is Amazon's fastest growing and most profitable business, on pace to generate over $10 billion in revenue this year. That makes it the largest public cl...


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