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Here's why investing in China is 'crazy, literally crazy'

For those who have been following Asian markets for some time, Taiwan and China are looking awfully similar. Back in the late 80s, the stock a...

Reports of cheating on the ACT in China reflect a persistent and 'very disconcerting' issue to US colleges

Evidence of "widespread" cheating has emerged in a Chinese program designed to help foreign students gain admission into US schools, according to an inv...

Tell us how you really feel about the RNC and Trump, China

The Chinese government is not subtle about what it wants you to believe about its opinions on world events. Its message is packaged and distributed quite neatly in the vari...

China enforces ban on original news reporting

China's internet regulator has put a halt to original reporting, the Financial Times reports.

A former top Chinese general is one of the highest ranking officials to be sentenced for bribery yet

BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese military court on Monday sentenced a former top general to life in prison for taking bribes, concluding China's highest-level prosecution of ...


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