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Peter C. Frank: Bernie Sanders Addresses The DNC Convention, Thanks His Supporters

Bernie Sanders' Address to the DNC Convention on July 25, 2016July 26, 2016. PHILADELPHIA, PA: Congressmember Keith Ellison, a self-declared "proud" s... Read more: Dnc, DNC...

Jonathan Haber: Plagiarism

The big political news from last week was the Republican nominating convention and, if you judge the importance of stories based on time spent spinning in the news cycle, it seems as tho...

Erin Smith: Political Disenchantment

This is a nonpolitical post about the current state of our political system. I am honestly not a very political person. I don't identify with any pa... Read more: Politics...

Trump Used To Say He Was Pals With Putin. Now He Says They Never Met.

PHILADELPHIA ― After months of claiming a close relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump now says he doesn’t really know him ... Read more: Donald T...

Bill Clinton Is One Thing That Hasn't Changed In 36 Years Of The DNC

Former President Bill Clinton spoke on behalf of his wife, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, at this year’s Democratic National Conve... Read more: 2016 Ele...


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