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US Election 2016
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A Regular Liberal Critic Goes All In On Clinton's Presidential Run

One of the nation’s top liberal advocacy groups is mobilizing its expansive network to aid Hillary Clinton’s campaign against Donald Trump and pro... Read more: Election...

Tom Morris: Flannery O'Connor And The Limits Of Political Reason

In the early 1940s, a young southern writer by the name of Flannery O'Connor spun a tale about an extremist politician and his base that resonates deeply today. Read more: F...

HUFFPOLLSTER: Donald Trump Might Be Gaining Support Among Republican Voters

Donald Trump is starting to recover support among Republicans, according to one poll. Voters seem to be willing to split their ticket when voting for ... Read more: Donald T...

Hillary Clinton collected $270k per HOUR in secretive 3-day California celebrity fundraiser

The Democratic presidential nominee raised $18 million on a three-day trip through California. Unlike Obama, who let some reporters into fundraisers, Clinton has left them all outside to wonder. ...

Looking for a Clinton payment for an Air Force One flight

A review of Clinton's July FEC filing shows the campaign apparently hadn't paid for a July 5 flight on Air Force One.


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